Saying goodbye to a pet

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The boys' dog was put down yesterday. Rosko was about to turn 5. They arent sure what happened to him but something was attacking his immune system and the vet said there was nothing they could do, so they put him down. Two years ago their Great Grandma died and that was their only experience with death so far. Losing Rosko had a big impact on them, especially since he was young and it was quite sudden.
Have you lost pets in your family? How do you deal with it?
The film Marley and Me is playing in the theatres currently and at the end deals with pet death. It is being reccomended as a good way to introduce the facts to kids.

A tribute to Rosko:
(the boys did this in total silence before he went to the vet)


Brimful Curiosities said...

So sorry to hear this. Must be very hard. I did not have pets growing up but now we have two cats. I know it will be hard when they pass on, especially for the kiddos. Marley and Me is a great book. Haven't seen the film yet but I imagine it is good as well.