What makes a good parent?

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I have touched on the fact before that some people do not belive that I will be a fit parent (at least not yet) because of some of my... differences. I truly belive I was born to be a mother. Its all i've ever wanted to do. I know that I am fundamentally capeable of caring for a child. So im a bit odd. My child will simply be exposed to more things. Many people with disabilities have kids. Monica has Ceberal Palsy, a physical disability. My problems are more neurological. But they will not get in the way of my parenting.
I was eating rice today and the spoon tasted too metally, so I had to get a new one. My body shakes a bit when I get overly excited. Loud noises bother me. Tell me why any of these should prevent me from being a parent?
They shouldnt. Thank you for staying tuned for this broadcast.


Ci said...

Well, except for the part where kids are often the source of loud noises. :P