Gay parenting music video

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Bear with me while I re-organize....

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Page could be a bit of a mess until I get the new layout situated and decide if it is going to work!

Saying goodbye to a pet

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The boys' dog was put down yesterday. Rosko was about to turn 5. They arent sure what happened to him but something was attacking his immune system and the vet said there was nothing they could do, so they put him down. Two years ago their Great Grandma died and that was their only experience with death so far. Losing Rosko had a big impact on them, especially since he was young and it was quite sudden.
Have you lost pets in your family? How do you deal with it?
The film Marley and Me is playing in the theatres currently and at the end deals with pet death. It is being reccomended as a good way to introduce the facts to kids.

A tribute to Rosko:
(the boys did this in total silence before he went to the vet)

Teach your kids to value (and understand) diversity

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Children often question whether I am a "boy" or a "girl". I have short hair and wear loose fitting mens clothing. There is nothing wrong with wondering. Kids will be kids, and I always value their curiosity about the world. If a child asks me I have a whole speech prepared (that I give quite often) about how sometimes girls have short hair and boys have long hair (listing examples if possible) and how all people look and dress differently and that is ok. They are children, they are new to this world and dont understand all that there is to know. When they see a person with a disability, a different colored skin, "funny" clothes or a haircut... anything out of their small world they want to know about it. Children should NEVER be punished for this curiosity! I cannot count the number of times that a parent has yelled at, spanked, or inflicted some other kind of corporal punishment on their child for inquiring about my gender. These kids are learning that it is bad to ask questions and also getting the subconsious message that something is "wrong" with the object of their interest because of the reaction they are getting when they ask about it. And because no one is taking the time to explain differences to them, it is much too easy to grow up ignorant and fall victim to the thought process of many other un-enlightened groups of people.

It is easy to avoid this. Open the lines of communication early. There are great books out there that teach diversity. Todd Parr is probably my favorite author. 'Its Okay to be Different' is a fantastic book to have in any collection. Tell your children to ALWAYS ask if they have a question and to not be embarrassed about it. In order to be effective at this, YOU need to be comfortable talking about things. Its not always easy, but think about the effect it will have on your children in the future and you'll be able to handle it. We took the boys to pride in 2007, when they were 7. Before heading to the parade I explained that they would probably see a lot of things that they had never seen before, and that if they had any questions to ask me. Because Danny is very shy I told them they could just tap my arm and whisper their questions to me. And you know what? They did. They asked questions here and there and accepted most of my answers without protest or further inquiry. And in all honesty, they asked a lot less questions than I expected. Kids are innocent. They take things for face value.

So when your child blurts out "Is that a boy or a girl?", "Why is that lady dressed like that?" or "Why does that man walk funny?" in public, try not to be embarrassed. Answer them to the best of your ability. And dont be afraid to talk to the person. Because in most cases the person in question will not mind educating a child.

And the winner is....

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The winner of the LittleLovies giveaway is..... #21!

"judybrittle said...
My granddaughter goes to sleep each night with her ratty doll. It looks like its been through a war but she loves her. I was always with my Barbie. I love your Pooh and Friends Latchook. My entire kitchen is Pooh and this would look awesome on my wall. Thank you!"

Thanks to everyone who entered. There were only 32 entries and I truly appreciate those 32 people for taking the time to stop by!

The day.....

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Was great! We had a 2 hour delay, so they were only in school for 4 hours, and we only had 4 kids! They were thankful to be back and showed it with exemplary behavior! Yay!

Stop! Baby time!

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*can you tell tha I am avoiding going to bed???*

MY cupcake!
She ate the whole thing, too!

Phone? What phone?

School starts tomorrow

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In 10 hours i'll be back at work after a 2 week break. Im pretty sure im going to be a walking zombie! Im excited to see the kids, I really have missed them. I do feel like there should be some kind of de-briefing meeting first, though! Mondays are hell on these children because they had 2 days off. I cannot imagine what 2 weeks will be like. I hope all goes well.

Im going to the School District Office tomorrow after school gets out to ask about the test you can take to be a certified Para. I love the company I work for, but it is just too stressful to not get paid during the breaks. I am missing a full check this month because of the 2 weeks off for winter vacation. If im employed through the district I can choose to be paid year round, and I will also get health benefits, which is huge! I need to have a checkup, and I would love to be able to fill my perscriptions again! One way or another I need to find a solution before this summer, because I need a paycheck those 3 months! The other option is taking out a bunch of loans and going back to school. Ive tried to work and go to school and I just cant manage it; it has to be one or the other. I guess we'll see what happens!

What makes a good parent?

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I have touched on the fact before that some people do not belive that I will be a fit parent (at least not yet) because of some of my... differences. I truly belive I was born to be a mother. Its all i've ever wanted to do. I know that I am fundamentally capeable of caring for a child. So im a bit odd. My child will simply be exposed to more things. Many people with disabilities have kids. Monica has Ceberal Palsy, a physical disability. My problems are more neurological. But they will not get in the way of my parenting.
I was eating rice today and the spoon tasted too metally, so I had to get a new one. My body shakes a bit when I get overly excited. Loud noises bother me. Tell me why any of these should prevent me from being a parent?
They shouldnt. Thank you for staying tuned for this broadcast.


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I've become addicted to making fleece tie/no-sew blankets! Im even working on mass-production! I've got the rudimentary beginnings of a store going here: Little Lovies

To celebrate my hopefull success in this endevor, im having a giveaway! I made a couple super cute little lovey blankets tonight in an ABC animal pattern.

I told you it was cute! They're about 12" by 12", and oh so soft! And im giving one away! All you have to do is comment here saying what your childs favorite lovey object is, or what yours was as a child! (I still sleep with a stuffed Heffalump!)
Feel free to check out my store as well, but dont criticise too hard yet- its 1am and I just put it together!

Giveaway will run through Thursday, December 8th at Midnight! Winner will be chosen at random!