We got the loot!

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Christmas was great! We got some really cool stuff! :-)
(pics are from google, not our actual stuffs)

My dad got me a 9inch Dell Mini Inspiron laptop (which im writing this on right now) Its wicked!

Monica's family got us 7 sets of FiestaWare in 7 different colors. Each set is a dinner plate, bowl, saucer, and coffee cup!

Monica got me an awesome 8.5 inch digital photo frame that holds 3000 photos! Its on permanent slideshow on our desk! :-)

Destiny got me a beautiful Jewelry Armoire! (I've wanted one for a long time!)

My dad and Monica's parents both got us pots and pans!

I also acquired an iPod because I got Monica a new orange one!

So yeah. All in all, it rocked! I have cute pictures of the boys unwrapping presents, but I left my camera at their house! So as soon as I get it back i'll post those!

How was YOUR holiday?

Christmas 2008

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Hello family and friends and welcome to the Bock’s eco-friendly (but mostly because stamps are expensive and we ran out of time) Christmas card! It’s been quite a year!

The biggest news would be that Monica and I registered as Domestic Partners on August 8th! We drove over to Olympia and did it in person, got our registry cards and everything! We had a little dinner in Ellensburg, nothing big and fancy. We were planning to have a reception, but money and work schedules didn’t really permit it! So we decided to wait until marriage is legal so that we can have a big wedding and reception! We were in the local paper this summer in an article focusing on Domestic Partnerships!

Monica and I both changed jobs this year; she now works for CWCMH (Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health) as a Mental Health Worker in the Detox Center. I work for Elmview in the Yakima Schools Program, and im currently an aide in a kindergarten classroom for kids with behavioral disorders. I’m not currently attending school, but hoping to go back at some point once life calms down and I know what I want to study. I love what I do, and im considering looking at a Behavioral Specialist program in school. Im still interested in Occupational Therapy and have even considered being a Kindergarten teacher, but I know I couldn’t make it through all the schooling! I am working on learning sign language a little at a time, and I am really enjoying that!

We now have 3 dachshunds (Camden, Dashiel, and Skittles) and 2 cats (Nigel and Ripken). Our house is busy, to say the least! We have got lots done, including painting the entire interior, putting wood flooring down in the living room and kitchen, and getting the yard in decent shape; along with tons of other little stuff that has kept us super busy!

This year we went to a couple Storm (WNBA) and Thunderbirds (hockey) games, to Silverwood this summer, and to Jeff Dunham in November. Monica and I also saw Fergie and I saw Neil McCoy. I got my first tattoo in June, a bear in honor of my mom. It was an incredibly painful experience and I thought I was going to go into shock, but im glad I did it and I love it! Monica got 2 new tattoos this year, on on her calf [Rainbow infinity symbol with M2 (Marcy & Monica squared) 381, (3) words (8) letters (1) meaning- I LOVE YOU] and on her wrist [start love, end hate in computer coding].

Monica got me a Yamaha scooter for my birthday in June, and we also bought a Yamaha 4-wheeler! I ride the scooter all over town (100 MPG is pretty great these days!), and we keep the quad at my dad’s place in Ellensburg. Dad is doing well, still driving cars for Ellensburg Chevrolet and always busy doing something! My brother Josh and his girlfriend had a baby girl, Loreli, so I am an aunt for the second time!

Monica’s family is doing well, the boys are 8 already and in 3rd grade. Charlie is a genius and Danny is a jock, they reach a pretty good balance! We bred my dog Dashiel and got one of the puppies, which we gave to Monica’s family. They named her June and she is a very sweet little dog!

Well, I think that’s about it for this year! We have really enjoyed getting cards from all of you, and I will make sure to get cards out next year! Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a comment, and enjoy the Holidays!!

-Marcy & Monica