Happy New Year!

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I hope 2009 brings health and happiness to all of you, your family, and friends. I have a weird feeling at the moment, which for some reason I think is attached to the New Year (though it could be the fact that its 2am, the nacho's I had for dinner upsetting me, or the 13 episodes of Big Love that i've watched today!) In any case, I had nightmares while taking a nap earlier, and my head is kind of up in the clouds at the moment, pondering life, love, and the world as a whole! I'd love to write around 2am every day, but with our household schedule the way it is once I start work again, that isnt a possibility!

I have a feeling that this week will go really fast. School starts again on Monday so it's back to work, and a crazy few days it will be I am sure! With two weeks off of school the kiddos are going to be all sorts of worked up. I just hope that the holidays treated them all okay.

I have so much to do this week, and its already Thursday. I need to finish taking the Christmas decorations down (Once the holiday is over, Monica is DONE with it until next year!), do dishes and laundry, de-clutter the house, and clean the garage! Our garage is a complete disaster. I am quite literally giving most of it away. Im a packrat and keep absolutley everything. So im putting it all in boxes, setting it on the front snow (read: lawn) and posting on craigslist for people to come take it away. I hope it goes quickly because otherwise every time I have to walk past im going to be picking things out of the boxes!

Im getting all nesty. It happens quite often. Ive fallen in love with a house thats pretty much down the street, just a couple blocks away. Its incredibly cramped to have 3 adults, 3 dogs, and 2 cats in a 900 sqft, 2 bedroom house. We're going nuts! The house is on my favorite street in town and its beautiul, plus it has a yard! Its on the high end of what we could afford right now, but its there still. We could stay there for a while without outgrowing it, too. Des could bring more of her stuff over and not leave it sitting in the garage. We've put a lot of work into this house and I love it, but its just too small for us now. Not to mention the other work that needs to be done I dont really want to pay for. We need a new fence in the backyard, and we need new windows throughout the house. Last week there was literally a 1/4 inch of ice in the INSIDE of our windows. Its costing $300 a month to heat our little place!

Anyways, we cant really afford to move at the moment. Especially this month since im missing a check because of the winter break when I didnt work. And come summer time I wont have work either. I really need to get on with the school district so I can choose to get paid over vacations. Or find a way to afford to go to school so I can get that over with and earn a decent living and not have to worry.

Ok, feeling a little loopy. Best be off for tonight I suppose.