We got the loot!

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Christmas was great! We got some really cool stuff! :-)
(pics are from google, not our actual stuffs)

My dad got me a 9inch Dell Mini Inspiron laptop (which im writing this on right now) Its wicked!

Monica's family got us 7 sets of FiestaWare in 7 different colors. Each set is a dinner plate, bowl, saucer, and coffee cup!

Monica got me an awesome 8.5 inch digital photo frame that holds 3000 photos! Its on permanent slideshow on our desk! :-)

Destiny got me a beautiful Jewelry Armoire! (I've wanted one for a long time!)

My dad and Monica's parents both got us pots and pans!

I also acquired an iPod because I got Monica a new orange one!

So yeah. All in all, it rocked! I have cute pictures of the boys unwrapping presents, but I left my camera at their house! So as soon as I get it back i'll post those!

How was YOUR holiday?


Beagoodmom said...

Be careful on the Fiestaware! Its addicting! I have place settings for like.....14. Everytime a new color comes out! But, its very durable. I let the 1 year old use the bowls. Nice haul.

Anonymous said...

MARCY I really enjoy your blog. You got some awesome gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!