Why did Prop 8 pass?

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It was noted earlier on the news that Prop 8 may have passed because people are illeterate. They quidkly skimmed the ballot and saw 'Gay Marriage' listed. Thinking "oh yay, I love gay people!" they checked the box, not understanding that this would BAN gay marriage.

Hey, its a thought!


beagoodmom said...

What do you think about the issue of the legal status of those who were married before Prop 8? I read today that their marriages might still be considered valid, since they occurred before Prop 8 passed, although that will make the proponents of the law very MAD!. Do you think there will be a movement to un-do those marriages? How can they accomplish that legally? And the influence of the Mormon Church on the passing of Prop 8! Shameful! I read that they spent over $70mil campaigning. Are they trying to keep that a secret? I hate injustice. I tell my husband that I have considered becoming a lesbian just so I can make society mad. He says go for it! hahaha. Seriously, I am offended on behalf of a group I do not belong to. But a welcoming, peaceful group that I doubt would judge me as harshly and unfairly as they have been judged.