An election to go down in history?

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Yes, it is for sure. The nation's first black President! I bought newspapers today to keep for memories.
Christine Gregoire was re-elected, YAY!
Death With Dignity, the Washington State assisted suicide initiative, was also passed. Thats a big one- even many of the people backing the initiative didnt think it would pass! But it did, and it's exciting (to me at least).
Im still waiting to hear who the new Superintendent of Public Education is.
All-in-all, Washington did pretty damn good in the elections!

Some of the other states, however, disappointed me.
"Gay-marriage bans passed on Tuesday in California, Arizona and Florida, while Arkansas voters approved a measure aimed at gays that bars unmarried couples from serving as adoptive or foster parents. Massachusetts and Connecticut are now the only states to allow same-sex marriage." Think about that Arkansas measure. Unmarried couples cannot be adoptive or foster parents. Single people can. Married people can. But two people in a loving relationship, no matter if they are straight or gay, cannot adopt or foster. Do you see anything wrong there? The gay marriage bans PISS ME OFF. They make me livid. This Arkansas law? That hurts the kids. That just isnt fair.