Day with the boys

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Let me tell you what Zilla is wearing in this picture. Of his own accord. Camo pants, a suit jacket, a beanie, vans, different colored socks, a marble necklace, and his rasta bracelet. He's gonna be a rock star.

Diggy is a bit calmer!!
We went over to see them on Tuesday and went Glow (in the dark) (miniature) Golfing. It was pretty fun. Zilla was thrilled because he usually gets shafted, but we went somewhere HE wanted to go, and he even won a free game of golf! While DJ and Moe shopped I took the boys to a game store they had been begging to look at, and they spent an hour immersed in a trial run of WarHammer (think D&D) and even got to paint their own miniatures. They had a blast! :)