Turn down the volume please!

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I have some issues. I have never denied that. Im not going to make a list. But one of the big things is a sound intergation issue. All the noise around me comes into my ears at the same time. The dog scratching, the tv, pages turning in a book, and the person trying to have a conversation with me. Most peoples brains automatically decipher what sound they should be focusing on (in this case, the person talking to you).
Men have an easier time of this than women. Tests have been done where they have a person put on a set of headphones and listen to one story in one ear and another story in another ear. Men are able to completely tune out one story (this wont surprise the heterosexual females out there!). Women have a much harder time doing this.
In my case, I can hear everything, every little sound. And when I try to focus on someones voice, sometimes the sound of the dog scratching overpowers it. Noises also bother me. I have never been able to touch styrofoam because of the sound it makes. At the moment I am at work and someone is putting chalk on a cue stick. Its enough to make me nauseous.
Because of this I wear my ipod a lot, and on occasion will wear ear plugs. I wore them the other night for a few hours because my ears were feeling especially sensitive.
The next morning DJ and I were sitting on the couch watching tv and she said to me "How do you think you can raise kids if you have to wear ear plugs just being around us?" I happen to think I will be just fine, thanks. For the most part children screaming and crying does not faze me a bit. And on those days where noises are bothering me, I will cope. Just like I do in everyday life.
I know she didnt mean to offend me, she was really trying to make a point and understand, and thats fair. But im not worried about it.


Rachel said...

I know what you mean about not being able to tune out other noises. People talking loudly in restaurants (that are sitting near me)bugs the crap out of me. The other day we were eating in a restaurant and some teenaged girls were all gossiping and giggling LOUDLY behind us. It was hard to carry on a convo at our table.