Are my future children doomed?

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AJ at Thingamababy posted today about regulating things your kids know about and have access too, from electronics to juice. (Read the post here.) I nodded my head in agreement for a lot of this post. Okay, i'd be a bit more lax im sure. About 75% of the strictness. But I like the idea. And his beautiful little girl seems like the coolest kid on the block! I would love my kids to reach kindergarten without being obsessed with whatever disturbing cartoon charectar happens to be on Cartoon Network at the moment.
Yet I have to be honest with myself. I love tv. I have attention problems, and I need to be doing two things at once. Meaning the tv needs to be on while I am online or readhing a book or cooking. I cant concentrate without having my attention going in two directions. I am always on the computer. I drink soda and eat Lucky Charms. And I love gadgets and electronic things. Im scared that my habits will set my kids up for inevitable disaster and they will end up being just another specimine of the next generation.
So lets take a look at the topics AJ covered, im going to give my input on them.

Licensed characters - I am amazed how people avoid this. I suppose not watching television helps. But even just going to the store seems like it would get things engrained in your kids head. There are billboards. The displays in the stores. I am fascinated that a child could see a 4 foot tall Polly Pocket display and not want one, even if they didnt know what it was. When it comes to licensed things I must say that I have a few things I will fall for. I love anything Pooh, and im also a fan of Care Bears. Other than that I might be able to handle not having anything in the house. Once they hit kindergarten tho, I think you're automatically a gonner.

Candy, juice, soda and other sugary treats - This is a hard one because I am a sugar addict and I dont drink milk. Ideally I would say that I will try to limit my kids to 1 juice a day, soda on special ocassions, and candy/cookies.... well thats a hard one. I like dessert. How about saying no unlimited access to sweets for now.

Talking stuffed animals — Not necessary. The only thing way you could convince me are the ones that y ou can record your own voice in.

iPod/MP3 player and Digital camera — No question. My kids will always have these things. Music is my driving force in life. We will have a rule about when the music needs to be off, and will monitor the songs, but they will always have music. Same with the camera. A great thing to learn early.

Cell phone — Cell phones will only be necessary once the kids are old enough to be away from the house by themselves.

Videos/DVD — I really want to have sucessful movie nights someday...

Television — I just know im going to be guilty of this. And it makes me sad. I never want to use the TV as a babsitter. I dont know how we will regulate television. Purchasing a Tivo so mommies can catch their shows would be a good start.

Movie theaters — I want to take my kids to movies as soon as they are old enough to be interested and to sit through the whole movie. I think movies are a great treat.

Console video games — Ok, video game addict talking here. When I was a kid I played Nintendo with my dad and I loved it. We played stuff like Donkey Kong. We didnt hole up in the house and never leave. He was a farmer. I was constantly on the tractor with him. But I enjoyed gaming with my dad. I want to play video games with my kids too. There will be a limit on time and on types of games played. But we will have consoles in the house.

Educational PC games — I dont think any skills should be LEARNED by using a computer or any other learning device. However I belive that in fine-tuning skills some of these things can be helpful. Plus, I love Zoombinis!

Personal computer — To be determined on a kid-by-kid basis. I want my kids to have a strong grasp on technology, it is important these days. I would be happy with having two desktop computers in our office. After 13, we can discuss a laptop that the kids can take in their room when they need to type a paper. (With remote desktop so I know what they are doing.)

Pierced ears and make-up - No makeup until at least 13. No, probably not even play makeup. Chapstick is great. Nail polish, okay. Pierced ears im cool with at any time.

Ok, so am I doing to be a horrible parent? No, probably not. I'm sure we will do okay and our kids will turn out fine. I just hope that they have a good head on their shoulders and are happy people.