GPS Child Locator

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"The BrickHouse Locator with Distance Alert, powered by Duracell, lets you keep a constant eye on your child--even when you're not looking."

Wait, should'nt you be looking? Did I miss something here?
I saw a Duracell commercial today (you know the type: our batteries power the things you cant live without). This time the batteries were powering a GPS Child Locater.

Ok, I knew they had GPS on cell phones for teenagers so you'll know when they are at the mall instead of school. But how far away do you let your 3 year old wander? Almost every kid gets seperated from their parents for a few minutes early in life. But in the large majority of those instances, a GPS locater seems a bit extravagent.

Of course, these arent just for children! The BrickHouse website says you can "Locate Wandering Children, Pets, Or Elderly Family Members" Great, it has multiple uses. Im still not dropping $200 on it. Pay closer attention. Put the cell phone down and watch your kid. If your grandfather had Alzheimers, dont leave him in the pharmacy while you go look at clothing. These things should be common sense!

I am not totally throwing this product ouf the window. I can see it being useful to some people. Working at the Village I saw families with multiple special need children. While they were all very capeable parents; having 5 kids with special needs in tow can be VERY overwhelming. Some of these children have boundary problems and take off running. In this case, I can see the Child Locater being helpful.

Me? I'd probably throw the homing tag in my car and use the tracker to find it in the mall parking lot!


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