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Child-leashes have been around forever. And i've never been a fan. But if you MUST use them, at least use them responsibly. When we went to Silverwood I saw dozens of these things (I think they sold them in the gift shop, dont even get me started on that). And i constantly saw the parents walking along, child being drug behind. And more often than not, that child landed on their face because the parents werent paying attention. Seriously guys.


beagoodmom said...

I used to use leashes on my twins when they were 18 months to 24 months. But only when we went to our local park. It was a nice park, but it happened to have street acess on one side and a storm sewer/drainage ditch on the other. My biggest fear was that one would run for the street at the same time the other ran for the waterfilled ditch. Who would I chase?!? I did not feel that I needed to hold on to the leashes, but my plan was to grab one kid, run to catch the other one and step on the trailing leash! Never had to do it....but I had the plan!