"Twin" does NOT mean "the same"

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Diggy came into the world 6 minutes before Zilla. They are as different as night and day. Its kind of crazy, actually. They turned 8 in March. They were totally unexpected babies; Eeyore is 27 and BigBro is 21, parents thought they were done with kids when they boys came along! Because of the crazy age difference the boys get insanely spoiled. I cant tell if the issues that the boys have are genuine or if they are caused by the fact that they are so spoiled.
Zilla is a genius. Ok, im exaggerating. But he is very smart, and incredibly inquisitive. I had to explain Stem Cell Research to him when he was 7, and when I couldnt give him enough answers so he said "UGH! I'll just Google it!". If he doesnt know the answer to something, he finds out and comes back to tell you. He is a fantastic reader, very quick. He doesnt care to participate in or watch sports unless we attend a sporting event in person. However he loves to bowl. He doesnt like trying new foods and doesnt take big risks (like water-slides or ramps at the skatepark). He still uses a plug (pacifier) when he is overly tired or stressed. He stays quiet until he is pushed to the brink and then he will finally snap. He likes to sit around half naked. He is obsessd with anything that is army related, flies, or blows up.
Diggy is the brawns of the family. He will play any sport he can possibly try. His favorite is baseball, and if this kid practices he will go far. He is very strong. He loves clothes and shoes. He will always try new food and loves Sushi and Subway. He doesnt know how to tie his shoes and refuses to learn. He is still reading at a kindergarted level and doesnt try to improve. He has pretty severe anger problems that are actually quite scary at times. He will lie forwards, backwards, and sideways just to strike up a conversation and will go to the grave to prove that he is right.
"Twin" is a word not to be taken for granted!